Spectacular Subdivision

Join the Uppur Bunk in Wonder Valley to see Spectacular Subdivision.

The metropolis that wasn't

Uppur Bunk member Patrick Melroy has been curated into the project by Monte Vista Project’s Jay Lizo. So if you find yourself in need of some desert time come see the work on April 4, 5, & 6.

High Desert Test Sites and Monte Vista Projects present Spectacular Subdivision, a group project curated by Jay Lizo. This three-day exhibition invites artists to reflect on questions of housing and real estate in the aftermath of the 2008 housing market crisis. What does housing mean to artists in relation to their practice? How has the mortgage meltdown affected artists? How have forms of domesticity and shelter shaped artists’ practices?

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Spectacular Subdivision: High Desert Test Sites

Black Friday Onesie – #4 – De La Guerra & State

Jack Aldrich and Patrick Melroy braved the crush of shoppers at the busiest shopping plaza in the county. The two executed a project in and around the shopping center for one hour at the height of the shopping frenzy.

We met on the corner of De La Guerra & State

We met on the corner of De La Guerra & State

The reason for the Onesie is to cause art making with very little anticipation. We grabbed a set of metal numbers from the studio before meeting. In and around the shopping center there seems to be lots of things trying to get lots of attention but ultimately getting ignored by the majority of the people. Like Patrick in his onesie and cowboy hat. So we numbered some of the things we felt were getting ignored. Our world is so full of stimuli that we must ignore certain things just to make it down the street. We have lots of questions about breaking that system of ignoring.

This directory was trying real hard to be useful.

Tree Base

IMG_0943 IMG_0946 IMG_0949 IMG_0951 IMG_0953 IMG_0954 IMG_0956 IMG_0957 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0961 IMG_0962 IMG_0966

We came back at the end of the hour and looked to see if the numbers were still present, we lost the #2.

See you next week for the next Onesie.

IMG_0930 IMG_0966


Onesie 3 – Anacapa & Valerio

The Uppur Bunk had six artists in motion at the third Onesie. Making art for one hour in a one block radius. Raymond Douglas captured some of the results with his square film camera.

Artists: Rebecca Miles, Jake Himovitz & Dad Roger, Raymond Douglas, Jack Aldrich, Patrick Melroy.

hb-kp160nc_15hb-kp160nc_09 hb-kp160nc_10 hb-kp160nc_11 hb-kp160nc_12 hb-kp160nc_14hb-kp160nc_16


Roger’s bag of tricks.

At the end of the Onesies we always talk about what we made.

Anacapa & Valerio IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0683 IMG_0684 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0693 IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0702 IMG_0704 IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0711

Onesie Document

The Uppur Bunk produced a Onesie on Thursday August 8th 2013. We had eight artists working for one hour within a one square block radius. The projects were dynamic and astute. We captured some of the event with an Olympus 35 mm supplied by bunk regular Nick Cook. Any other documentation or questions or notes or warm thoughts can be emailed to uppurbunk@gmail.comOnsie Group 01

We met at the corner of Cota and Anacapa at the Dalee Car Bath.

Scan10018CornerFor one hour we dispersed no further away than one block from each other and made art.


Mr Paul made a drawing of where.


Ben was passing by with a friend when we asked him to join us. He spent the hour trying to remember and draw a re-occurring dream.


Courtney and Raymond set off in opposite directions, she recorded mystery boxes and Raymond acquired debris from the radius.


Scan10041Ryan brought a tool kit to work with.

tree poleAlex had just left his first day of work at an architecture firm on the corner when we stopped him and asked him to make something. He locked up his bike and made this.


Everyone had something to say about something.

Scan10021 Scan10022Sophie wrote a script in that location, and enacted it with Raymond, while Jake made a video of the performance. then we watched them do it live while Jake played the footage below them.

Onesie 02


For one hour Patrick watched the intersection. Over 1500 cars went through. The entire time he tried to mistake someone or some car for his mom and her car. He thought he saw her twice. mistaken


Come see us at our next Onesie or Panel or Fried Chicken Sunday or Creative Breakfast or when ever, we miss you already.

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